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Thu, 29 Sep 11 12:57:42 +0000

NXP Semiconductors and SEGGER Microcontroller announced that the emWin graphic library will be offered for free with NXP ARM® microcontrollers. Developed by SEGGER, emWin provides a robust, efficient GUI for any application operating with a graphical LCD, and features outstanding support for high-quality anti-aliased text and shapes. Using emWin, basic UI design can be performed easily via a stand-alone tool which separates UI design from firmware development, speeding the design of LCD applications in consumer electronics, home appliances, medical devices and industrial equipment. Compatible with both single-task and multi-task environments, emWin is ideal for use with the LPC1788, the industry's first Cortex™-M3 microcontroller featuring an integrated high-performance LCD controller, as well as other NXP Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, ARM7™ and ARM9™ MCUs.

Facts / Highlights:
Key features of the emWin graphic library from SEGGER, now available for free with any NXP LPC microcontroller, include:

Support for all types of LCDs, including monochrome, grayscale or active color (TFT) displays
PC tool emWinView for a detailed, magnified view of all layers in the simulation
Excellent support for high-quality anti-aliased text and shapes
Easy to perform basic UI design in a stand-alone application, and separate UI design versus firmware development
Runtime-configurable software, no compile-time switches
Shipped as object code
Support for any interface
Flicker-free animation
Configurable display sizes
Code optimized for both size and speed
LCD caching in memory for slower LCD controllers, reducing access to a minimum and enabling very high speeds
Clear structure
Extensive documentation
Virtual display support larger than the actual display
Ideal for use with the NXP LPC178x, as well as the LPC1800, LPC4300, LPC2400 and LPC3200 series MCUs
GUIBuilder, Font Converter and Bitmap Converter tools

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