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MC 34063 Step-Up/Down Calculator
See the original tutorial made by David L. Jones here
(Fill in the form and push "Calculate" to get an updated schematic)

Input voltage   in volts (between 3V and 40V)
Input voltage variation   in percents (for example 10 means ±10%)
Output voltage   in volts
Maximum output current   in amps (for 500mA enter 0.5)
Output voltage ripple   in volts (for 100mV enter 0.1)
Diode voltage drop   in volts (for 400mV enter 0.4)
Saturation voltage   in volts (0.5 for Step-Up and 1.1 for Step-Down)
Operation frequency   in kHz (for 134kHz enter 134)
R1   in kΩ (for 100kΩ enter 100)

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